Sunday, November 23, 2014

WHO provides additional data on MERS cases from Saudi Arabia in October

Earlier this month, I noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) did not report information on five MERS cases from Saudi Arabia from October  (see Has WHO overlooked 5 MERS cases in Saudi Arabia?), although theses cases were counted in the world-wide total in the Disease Outbreak News posted on November 7, 2014 (link).

Two days ago, the WHO provided additional details about these five cases (link)  that are not available on the statistics page of the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health website. The reporting of these additional case details is important to understanding the nature of human MERS infections.

Since, the last WHO update on MERS from Saudi Arabia (through October 30, 2014), the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health website has reported almost 20 new MERS cases (link),. Hopefully, WHO will publish details about these cases soon as well.

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